Metric Conversions

It can be so frustrating when you have one of your all time favourite family recipes, the one that mum used to make you and all the measurements are in ounces and pounds — here are some quick conversions to allow you to keep calm and cook on.

Spoon Measures

1.25 ml 1/4 teaspoon
2.5 ml 1/2 teaspoon
5 ml 1 teaspoon
10 ml 2 teaspoons (dessertspoon)
15 ml 1 tablespoon
20 ml 4 teaspoons

Volume or Liquid Measures

Fl oz = fluid ounce
25 ml 1 fl oz
50 ml 2 fl oz
75 ml 3 fl oz
100 - 125 ml 4 fl oz
150 ml 5fl oz (1/4 pint)
175 ml 6 fl oz
200 ml 7 fl oz
225 ml 8 fl oz
250 ml 9 fl oz
275 - 300 ml 10fl oz (1/2 pint)
450 ml 15fl oz (3/4 pint)
575 - 600 ml 20fl oz (1 pint)

Weight measures

Oz = ounce, lb = pound
15g 1/2oz 25g 1oz
50g 2oz 75g 3oz
100 - 125g 4oz 150g 5oz
250g 9oz 400g 14oz
450g 16z (1lb) 700g 1 1/2 lb
900g 2 lb 1kg 2 1/4 lb

Oven temperatures

Oven Temperatures are expressed in degrees Celsius (°C) or in Fahrenheit (°F). All oven types vary and the manufactures hand book should therefore be followed for correct usage.

All ovens should be Pre-heated before use to allow correct cooking times expressed and ensure product is cooked correctly.

For fan-forced ovens, as a general rule, the oven temperature should be set 10-20° lower than what is called for in the recipe.

Slow 120-135°C 250-275°F 120-150°C 250-300°F
Moderately slow 150-160°C 300-320°F 150-160°C 300-325°F
Moderate 175°C 350°F 175-205°C 350-400°F
Moderately hot 190°C 375°F 220-230°C 425-450°F
Hot 205-230°C 400-450°F 245-260°C 475-500°F
Very hot 245-260°C 475-500°F 275-290°C 525-550°F



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