Making Sliders

6 June , 2014

Sliders, sloppy joes, mini burgers, whatever the name - these delicious morsels are sure to be a favourite when entertaining friends at home, at picnics, parties or just a quick snack for the team.

The word ‘Sliders’ was coined in the US Navy in the 1950s for a mini bun with a meat patty and cheese. These days the slider has been revitalised and refreshed by an emerging trend of food trucks and burger restaurants.

Making sliders is fun. You can get very creative and they’re perfect for adventurous kids. Choose a carrier for your slider; mini rolls or buns, seeded or unseeded, soft or crusty, large or small. Choose any type of meat or seafood; grilled glazed prawns, crumbed chicken pieces, BBQ sausages, pulled pork or slow cooked beef or lamb.

Make sure you choose a delicious sauce. BBQ, tomato relish, or even our satay sauce adds flavour and complement the natural goodness of the meat.

Experiment using sliced or grated cheese, coleslaw or salad leaves with tomato.

Want something new? How about some crispy onion rings or some pickled veg like gherkins or artichokes.

Now here comes the fun part - eating the tasty treat!

Try our tasty suggestion. Easy to make but also delicious.

Written by Adam Moore at 00:00


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